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Meet Colleen

Colleen’s fitness journey began in 2014. Like many marathon runners, injuries occurred from lack of cross training. During her time in physical therapy, Colleen learned of the benefits of Pilates. From there she started taking Barre and Pilates classes at her local studio and knew instantly that this was a field she felt passionate about.  Ten+ years, multiple fitness certifications (Barre, Classical Pilates, Lagree, SurfSet, Barre again and group fitness certifications) and one pandemic later... CDP Fitness is born. CDP Fitness focuses on learning movement that works for your body. We are all different and Colleen's goal is to help you discover movement that is best for you each and every day. 

Colleen also has started a branch of CDP Fitness specific to fitness instructors, to help them become a better instructor or launch their own virtual platform. Colleen is also a published author of multiple fitness instructor products and fitness planners. View her notebooks and author page here.
Colleen grew up in New England and currently lives in southern CA with her husband, son and fur children.  You might catch a peek of Maple, Oatmeal or Five in the videos! When she is not counting to 4 (really slowly) she is creating marketing content for fitness and wellness brands, cooking, drinking coffee and enjoying nature.

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