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Colleen’s fitness journey began in 2014. Like many marathon runners, injuries occurred from lack of cross training. During her time in physical therapy, Colleen learned of the benefits of Pilates. From there she started taking Barre and Pilates classes at her local studio and knew instantly that this was a field she felt passionate about.  Lagree Fitness was found after retiring from running, this workout changed how Colleen viewed fitness. Her body completely changed, from muscle strength to muscle endurance and cardio endurance. She found the core strength that she never thought possible! 6 years, multiple fitness certifications and one pandemic later CDP Fitness is born. CDP Fitness focuses on Lagree fitness, Colleen’s absolute favorite workout, and Barre Fusion, a fun upbeat workout that you can do anywhere.
Colleen grew up and is currently quarantining with her husband, son and fur children in Massachusetts. When she is not counting to 4 (really slowly) Colleen loves to garden, eat mac and cheese, and play tennis.

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Lagree Fitness

Lagree Fitness is a total body workout that is high intensity, yet low impact. Performed on a Megaformer or Microformer, every workout will challenge your cardio, balance, strength and endurance!


Our Barre Fusion classes draw inspiration from Pilates, functional fitness and ballet. This is not a dance class but you will feel stronger and stand taller by the end! Barre Fusion focuses on small muscle movements and will challenge the entire body.  These workouts can be performed with or without equipment or with simple household objects. 

Barre Fusion