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Fitness Insturctors: Why Your Website is More Important Than Your Social Media

If you are a fitness instructor, regardless of your employment, your website should be your number one prioritized tool. Yes that is right, more so than our beautiful IG feeds. Let's talk about what social media is and then websites. Social media (Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook and YouTube) is a great tool to use to bring in and attract new clients BUT all of those tools are not owned by you. Facebook can remove your account at anytime for no reason. Your account can be hacked and you may never get it back. It happens every day. You do not own your social media. Any of these platforms can close, and where would that leave you?

Having a website- this is a place that YOU own. You buy a domain, you pick a website host to build your website on and now it is yours. The ways you can lose those are from not paying your monthly or yearly fees or extreme hacking.

But why is the website more important? This is a place where you can put information like email, schedule, social links, affiliate links and your self marketing. You can build an email marketing system from here which is way more valuable than social media. Let's be real, maybe 10% of followers actually see our posts these days. With email, you know it is landing in their inbox.

I know you are also saying right now "but social media is free!" Sure, free is free. Now how much energy are you putting towards your social media? Something that is owned by another brand? Now what if you put that energy towards something that you own? Your website.

SEO is the number one way that I get traffic to my website, while the different social media platforms are slowly integrating to appear in Google searches, a website is built to be optimized for Google/SEO.

A basic website will cost just over $10/month and a domain is about $10/year. (There is always a coupon code everything btw😂 )

Back to what you can have on this basic website: a schedule so clients know where to find you during the week. Announcements for upcoming schedule changes. Self advertisement to bring new people into your classes - this can be with photos (that you search optimized) or a blog (that is also search optimized). Are we starting to see a theme? This way when someone goes online and types into Google the type of class they want to take and the location, YOU are more likely to appear to them.

Your website is a great place to keep all the links you want people to shop or sign up for your classes. With social media, they want the user to stay on that social media platform. It is not always a simple task to link websites and in some cases vanish after 24 hours.

I am not saying delete all your social media... clearly I have four links at the top and bottom of my own website for social platforms! I am reminding you to not put all your eggs into baskets that you do not own. Social media is a fun and creative tool but it shouldn't be your only tool.

Not sure where to start when building your own website? Reach out to me, I've got you.


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