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Fitness Tracking Journal

Last month my best friend asked if I would create a fitness tracker/planner so that should could record her daily workouts, food, progress notes and goals. I realized that there needs to be more journals that are focused on the positives and not just tracking weight, inches lost or calories in/out. I made the Three Month Fitness Tracking notebook so that people can track their daily habits and see the changes that they make in their lives. In this notebook you can track your daily workouts, water (my fav part of the page!), goals, food and even create a mantra for the day! There are blank calendars, note pages and three month goal page. 100 pages filled with ways to see how your small daily habits can make changes in three months. Below is a preview of what you will find inside the notebook.

I hope you love and enjoy using the Three Month Fitness Tracking notebook that I created (yes that is right, I made each of those lines and boxes!). It is available to purchase from Amazon.


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