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Holiday Gift Guides 2022

It has been two years since we last did a gift guide. This years list is a collection of items that we use daily. Yes, daily. Products that make our lives easier, happier and cleaner.

Gifts for the fitness fan, well hydrated babes and stocking stuffers:

We all have a fitness fan in our lives, maybe it is ourselves? Here are some items that will bring a smile to the face of your favorite fitness fan.


Teleties: Unbreakable hair ties, clips and headbands. They come in multiple sizes and designs. These ouchless hairties will survive whatever your workout throws at you!

Bala: You knew that Bala would make the list. Can you go wrong gifting any Bala items? Never. Bala items to highlight are the Pilates ball, Bangles, Power Rings and Bars.

Great Soles: We love grip socks for stabilizing during a workout, keep toes and ankles warm plus cute colors! Check out some favorites from Great Soles!

BKR: Do you need an ESWB? Yes. Yes you do. We love BKR's as our Emotional Support Water Bottle because it is there next to you during your entire workout. It will not leave you. The straw kit has been a game changer as well.

Cakes: The unsung hero. Throw the sport bra pads out the window, Cakes has come to the rescue! No folding, bunching or adjusting under your sport bra or top. Cakes will stick with you during the entire sweaty class, without the stick. They stay on by using your bodies natural body heat.

Stakt: The mat that you didn't know your body needed. It folds up to a small compact, lightweight and easy to transport mat. Great for adding additional comfort to joints when working out and can become a workout prop!

Swair: No more playing the game of workout vs hair washing. Swair is a life saver for sweaty hair! Keep your hair clean and refreshed between washings with Swair. Their new SweatShield will leave your hair glowing when you do wash it and ready to concur more workouts.

Post workout needs-

Aloha: protien powder without stevia? Yes, it is possible with aloha! We love them because they can be drank alone with milk or water and the taste is great! Vanilla is our go to for daily use and chocolate is the queen when it comes to baking!

Protein Power Balls: The best snacky to have before your workout, during your well hydrated babe walks or while on the go. Simple ingredients, lovely flavors and pro-tip they are the best chilled.

Freedom Moses: slides that are as amazing as you are! With endless colors and designs to pick from, these easy, vegan, simple, beautiful and eco friendly slides are a post workout must. They look great over your grip socks or your sweaty toesies. Don't worry, they are very easy to clean!

Arebesk Visor: We all need a hat that is made for sweating, keeping hair out of your face, plus comfortable against your forehead. Enter the arebesk visor. Adjustable, comes in many fabrics and easy to clean! Great for all the sweaty workouts and makeup! (CDPFIT at checkout to save)

Happy Holidays!

Colleen, CDP Fitness


**Some of the following products contain affiliate links. We only use affiliate links for products and brands that we know, use and love. Most websites are having their own holiday sales so CDPFIT may not work as an additional discount. Some websites CDP Fitness will earn monetization just by you clicking and purchasing without a code. Any monetization made from these links is used to help keep the studio lights on and the cats fed.


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