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In Person or Virtual Barre Classes?

What is best for you? In person or virtual Barre class? OK, sure I might be a bit biased these days but hear me out... If you love group fitness but are on the fence for going back in person or life has changed in unexpected ways (home school, wfh, health) let’s break down the differences of attending Barre in person compared to attending Barre in your living room.

Studio Barre Classes:

1) Pricing: Depending on where you live but the range for a Barre class drop in single class can be from $15-36. That class length can be between 45 – 60 minutes.

2) Commute: getting to a class, the drive – time and gas, or public transportation. That can more time than the actual class itself.

3) Props: Props are typically used in a barre class to challenge the body in different ways. But when was the last time these were clean? WHAT is being used to clean them? How often are the props replaced or fixed?

4) Hitting snooze one more time can be a dangerous game. If you have children, you might not know until right before a class if you can actually attend. Now you have a no show or late cancel fee on your credit card or the class is full and you cannot workout.

5) Dress code: some studios do not allow shorts, sport bras or crop tops to be worn in classes. Required to wear grip socks or clean sneakers. Mask and even gloves in some locations.

6) Schedule: you are at the mercy of what studio/staff for when classes are offered. Maybe your favorite instructor changed their schedule without telling you too.

Virtual Barre Classes:

1) Pricing: the average single class pre-recorded, or live virtual class is $7. With the class length from 30-55 minutes.

2) Commute: Going to class, turn on computer, tablet, tv or mobile device. Click on class and you are ready to go.

3) Props- range of classes to pick from, some with and without props being used. If you have your own, below is a list of the standard items used in a Barre class and their amazon prices. They are yours. YOU clean them with products YOU want to use, YOU know how they are being used and treated.

4) Go ahead, hit that snooze one more time. Kid with the stomach bug? No fear! Classes, even lives (most of the time!), can be viewed for at least 24 hours after you have purchased them! No late fee or no-show fee if you miss the live viewing. There isn’t a line of people waiting to take your virtual spot.

5) Dress code: it’s your home, what are you comfortable working out in? Shoes, grip socks or barefoot… your floors/mat you’re comfortable, your call!

6) Schedule: Your schedule. That's all. When you have time to click play you can. Plus, you can pick a class by your favorite instructor too.

Class prices are based on single class/drop-in rates averages, this can vary based on geographical location.

Memberships or subscriptions options will typically be more cost efficient.

Standard Barre Prop Prices (Prices pulled from Amazon):

2lb hand weights: $11.50

Pilates Ball: $5.99

Resistance Bands: 3 pack $10.99

Glider discs: $6.99

Loop resistance bands: 5 pack $11.95

Fitness Mat (cushioned): $29.99

Total prop cost: $77.41

Can a Barre workout be performed at home without these props? Absolutely. (maybe get the mat though) These props enhance your workout but not necessary for every single class. Is that number high? No. Classes in person for one week can cost that much.

There can be substitutions for them as well, maybe already in your own home!

Now before you say "Colleen, I need the social aspect, the community and corrections" I hear you. It is very challenging to have that same social interactions that we once had (example: masks, social distancing, no lingering pre and post class). Your community will be with you, no matter if it in person or virtual. They got you. Corrections, workout near a mirror and listen to what I tell you :) I'm still here correcting you whether you realize it or not.

Now sit back, reread that list.

What is important to you right now? Money? Time? Convenience? Safety? Sleep?

There is no wrong answer.


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