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The Snack Life Chose Me

Being in fitness it can be really tough to keep a regular schedule of eating since you will sometimes be working for a few classes in a row with 15 minutes between them. That is just enough time to use the restroom and eat something small. Snack life. Now that I am filming multiple workouts and teaching lives back to back instead these days, same problem. Only now add in that I am working out more and cannot do so if I have a stomach full of lunch!

Enter my favorite items to keep handy to snack on!

FYI: I am not a nutritionist. I am someone who works out and need items that I can eat or drink before/after that don't make me feel too full or slow me down. These are the items that I have been using for 6 months to 8 years and my body has responded well to. If you follow my stories on Instagram you probably see them in the background all the time!

First up is the protein powder that I have been using since it was launched 5+ years ago! Aloha vanilla protein powder is smooth enough to use alone with almond or milk of choice and is not too sweet or fake tasting. I typically will mix in strawberries for a nice vanilla strawberry shake post workouts. It is also reasonably priced! They also make premade protein shakes which are great in a pinch! My go to is vanilla but I do use the chocolate protein powder for baking too.

My snack of choice these days is hands down Protein Power Ball! Oliver is addicted to the pumpkin ones (I am in trouble because it is seasonal... send all your positive vibes that he can try another flavor please!) and calls them his donuts! I have found that they are the perfect size to eat before a class or workout. They do not irritate my stomach, no fake flavors, easy to quickly eat and big fan of keeping them in the fridge! My go to flavors are: maple dark chocolate sea salt, mocha java crunch, dark chocolate peanut and lemon coconut.

Many of you have called me out on the White Claw looking beverage in the background of my videos 😂 not a White Claw. I had seen these drink advertised by my fitness friends for years and never tried until I had to start filming alone. You know I love my coffee but it absolutely has a crash like affect, I can't have that happen mid video! Celsius drinks have changed the game for me. No coffee crash or fog feeling and I only need to drink one unlike my multiple coffees during the day. I am a fan of the sparkling and non-sparkling options! I have not tried the stevia ones, nervous to branch out! I can drink these and not have an upset stomach while working out or after working out.

Now you know all my snacking secrets! Don't forget the water, stay hydrated too! I hope you enjoy these items as much as I have over the years. Happy snacking friends!


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