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Weekly On-Demand Schedule

Starting January 2022 we will be issuing weekly schedules of the on-demand classes. This feature is available to all on-demand subscribers along with week pass purchases. You will still have access to the entire on-demand library for both Barre and Micro like normal. Now you will have the option to think less about what workout you would like to do and follow the weekly suggested schedule. This will consist of five suggested classes. You are allowed to do them in order on the exact days or do what works best for your schedule! What happens if a class has a peice of equipment that you don't own? No fear, there will always be an optional class added each week to help substitute. There will also be 'add on' classes if you feel like doing a shorter class one day or stacking it to your already planned workout.

We are starting this program now because we feel that there are plenty of on-demand classes now in the library to help keep the weekly schedules fresh and supported. (Yes there will continue to be new classes added each week to the library😀). This idea was presented to us by a good friend, thanks JB, over a year ago. It felt right, and finally confident enough, to start it now for 2022.

It is always recommended to listen to your body, substitute a class with a stretch or foam rolling session or take an extra day off if you need to.

We hope you enjoy the weekly schedules, if you have any feedback on how these schedules could improve please reach out!

Lattes & lunges,

CDP Fitness team


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