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Private Sessions

Is a Private Session Right For You?

Private sessions are great for beginners through advanced individuals.  We can always learn more about how our body is moving and how it can improve and grow stronger.

Nervous because of injuries or pre-existing conditions?  A private session is a great environment to receive that personalized attention you want. 

Micro Virtual Privates

New to the Micro? Book a private session to gain a better understanding of how the Microformer works and to become more familiar with a workout.

Looking for something more advanced and created for your fitness goals? Private sessions are tailored for the individual!

45 minute private session       $65

Barre Fusion Privates

Unsure of where you should be starting in fitness? Barre is great for all individuals. Everything can be modified and taken at your own pace.  Private sessions are great for building a foundation so you become more comfortible with excercise for your body

45 minute private session       $45

Have questions about private sessions? Send us an email and let's figure out what will be best for you.

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