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Access all our subscription, rental and FREE channels below.  Rentals are BACK!  Please enjoy the new rental section, it will slowly be growing so check back for additions.

Free Videos

These videos are free, only requirement is to create an account to view.

On-Demand Rentals

On-demand video rentals for Lagree Fitness Microformer and Barre Fusion classes.  Chose from full length & total body classes that use various props and accessories of the Microformer.

How to Videos

Learn how to do some of your favorite Micro and Barre Fusion moves. Also the setup of your Micro!

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As of January 12th 2021 all new subscribers should purchase their subscription via this page here.

Free videos you can continue here as usual.

Current subscribers, please see email regarding updates and how to upgrade your account. You can email if you have any additional questions.

Micro Subscription -$35

Unlimited access to our entire collection of Microformer videos, featuring and requiring a Lagree Micro or Megaformer, 

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Barre Fusion Subscription - $15

Unlimited access to our entire collection of Barre Fusion videos.

Videos may include fitness props.