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Barre Fusion 101

Barre Fusion, Barre, Pilates, functional fitness the terms are endless! What do they all mean?

Barre is a workout inspired by Ballet and dance movements. 

Pilates is core based movements created by Joe Pilates.

Functional fitness is fitness based on moves that you perform in daily life.

Barre Fusion is my version of all three fitness styles in one class.  You do not need to be a dancer or crossfit champion to take this class! It is meant for everyone that enjoys easy access to a great workout!  Props are used to enhance and challenge muscles in a new way.  They can be used to assist a body part or to challenge a muscle group.  All the space needed for this class is the space your mat takes up.

Great for a small apartment and neighbor friendly. No jumping or heavy weights needed!  The largest prop you will need is your mat, everything else can easily be stored in a small basket or cabinet.

Curious what to wear on your feet? I always used grip socks because I find my body has better balance compared to shoes.

Grip socks are great for hard floors but sneakers can be worn as well,  of course!  Rather be barefoot? Totally fine- your feet, your floor 😎

What can you expect during a Barre Fusion class?  A live Barre Fusion class will give you a 45 minute total body workout. All levels are welcome and always ends with a cool down stretch.  You will have your movement and form watched and corrected via video.  Classes are kept small to keep that intimate studio vibe alive in our homes.  Sign up for the day/times that work for you!

Live Barre Fusion classes are currently on a puo-up schedule.

In the on-demand Barre Fusion classes you have the option to pick from 200+ videos.  Options for everyone based on length, body part, level, props, standing or floor, and style.  Each video includes music and instruction.  Variations are given in every video and options to make a move more challenging.  Some videos include a final stretch but there are also stretch videos available.  On-demand videos are available by monthly subscription that you have access to 24/7. 

Shop the common Barre Fusion props that you will find used in these videos:

Small ball: great for core and leg moves!
Small hand weights: you will be surprised how challenging small weights can be!
Bala Bars: the ergonomic solution to hand weights, 3lb each but you'll think they're double.
Stakt mat: there is a lot of work laying on your side and back. Plus great for hands and wrists during planks.
Loop resistance bands: Check product description because they are based on body weight. Save 20% with "cdpfit" at checkout.
Ankle/wrist weights: add a little more of a challenge to your class with these comfortable wearable weights!
Gliding discs: it is a hate love with gliding discs! Used when standing and for core work.
Bala Power Ring: the ergonomic solution to using a large weight or a kettle bell.

Daily Fitness Tracking Notebook: I created this for anyone that like to track progress and how see how far they have come in their fitness progress.

**CDP Fitness does earn a small commission from the associate links above.

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