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Welcome to CDP Fitness Instructor Training Guides

Are you a fitness instructor looking to grow in your field or looking to start in the fitness industry? This is the place for you!  I have created these guides to help fitness instructors do the one thing that will make the biggest difference in their career... learn how to instruct!
After 8+ years in the fitness industry and participating in endless certifications plus continuing education, I realized that there is a lot of focus on learning a routine and fitness moves but not enough on the HOW to instruct.

If you are looking for fitness instructor coaching- learn how to become an even better fitness instructor or starting your own virtual website we offer 45 minute $45 (USD) coaching sessions.


Cueing Video Guides

Ready to take your instructing to the next level? Want access to video guides and a workbook at your fingertips whenever you need it?

Look no further fitpro friends, video guided instructor courses are HERE!

These videos are perfect for anyone that teaches group fitness or private sessions. 


Instructors, how many notebooks do you have with endless classes scribbled in them? How about a notebook created for fitness instructors so that you have a clean organized place to keep all your hard work? 

I made two products to solve that  problem! Introducing the Class Writing Notebook & the Fitness Class Notebook!

Keep all your class organized and in one place because that is your valuable work! 

Read about the two options.

So, You Want to Be a Fitness Instructor?

The first ebook in my Instructor Training Guide series is for those looking to start in the fitness world or looking to learn more about the fitness world. How to pick the right certification program for you and the steps plus information on what happens after your certification is complete


How to Run Your Fitness Business

Looking to Learn About the Legal and Financial Side of Your Fitness Business?

There’s no big secret to building a successful fitness business, online or a physical location. There’s a process. It’s tried and true. It’s been done by me, by the giant coaches, and by everyone in between. 

The difference with me is this - I want to teach it to you. I want to give you a playbook, day by day, play by play, of what you need to do to make it work. No BS, no fluff, no back pocket info I’m saving for the really high paying clients. Because it’s simple - if you win, I win. We win together. So why wouldn’t I want to give to you the playbook to win? 

Together, with my clients, we’ve implemented this process to achieve consistent 5-figure months, 6-figure years, work with their ideal clients, launch thriving online platforms and training programs, land highly sought after and well-paid brand partnerships, and ultimately grow their business that they’ve been dreaming of.

Together, I’m going to show you how to have the business you want and deserve, without the constant anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion, or frustration.

I got your back. If you’re up for it I know we will achieve great results together. Whether you’re downloading a free guide, we’re working together to draft legal agreements to ensure your business is protected, we’re sitting together for focused coaching sessions, or you’re part of Online Business Bootcamp - there is only space for YOUR WINS here. 

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