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Are you a fitness instructor looking to grow in your field or looking to start in the fitness industry? This is the place for you!  I have created these guide to help fitness instructors do the one thing that will make the biggest difference in their career... learn how to instruct!

After 6+ years in the fitness industry and participating in endless certifications plus continuing education, I realized that there is a lot of focus on learning a routine and fitness moves but not enough on the HOW to instruct.


So, You Want to Be a Fitness Instructor?

The first ebook in my Instructor Training Guide series is for those looking to start in the fitness world or looking to learn more about the fitness world. How to pick the right certification program for you and the steps plus information on what happens after your certification is complete

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Future ebooks...

Future ebooks will be on the topics of how to cue, creating an inclusive class, virtual and in person and growing your own brand and clientele.