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What Clients are Saying 

"Colleen's classes are always motivational and fun with the best playlists.  Her transitions and combos are challenging but she always provides modifications and encourages breaks so your body never feels overwhelmed.  I always get the good sore I am looking for and see a change in my body I never saw in other fitness classes."

"I have known and worked out with Colleen for three years now, and she is by far the best instructor I have ever had! As a woman in my forties, proper form and technique is key, and Colleen is an expert at teaching correct form. I don’t think I ever did a squat correctly before meeting Colleen! Her Lagree and barre classes are challenging and push me to my limit every time - each class is fun and unique and I am pouring sweat after each session! But most importantly, Colleen’s classes are effective in helping me change my body, reach my goals, and never get bored or plateau. I am grateful to have found such an amazing and dedicated instructor in Colleen and will be on 'Team Colleen' for life!"

"I have known Colleen for several years.  Her Barre and Pilates classes are awesome and challenging!  I love how she always gives several modifications.  Her playlists are fun and upbeat.  She loves to share fun facts during class and keeps you laughing with her witty sense of humor."

"By far one of the best instructors who always makes sure your form is on point while giving you an amazing workout! And wears the cutest workout clothes! :) "

"Colleen’s classes and instructions are the reason I continued to take Lagree! She is also the reason I’ll be purchasing a micro-to continue under her instruction. She taught me to be more confident in my abilities on the machine, challenge myself to push harder, and made sure I was always using the correct form. As someone who lives with chronic pain performing any move or even transitioning with poor posture can do weeks worth of damage to me. She takes a personal interest in all who come to her classes, and presents as invested in our goals as we are! Also her jokes are a great deflection when you are cussing in your head! :) "

"Colleen started her own training program after many years and hours of classes. Her 9:30 class was ALWAYS full and that's where I got hooked. I didn't think I could do online but I made the switch and started with her barre class and bought my own microformer- I might never go back to a studio. The micro (I was on Mega at the studio) is the only exercise I have stayed with other than yoga- I love spinning too, but this is where you check your watch there is only 10 minutes left of class kind of amazing."

"I've had the pleasure of working out under Colleen’s instruction since 2018. With the COVID pandemic and being a mom of three young kiddos doing remote learning, I am so grateful to be able to still take Colleen’s classes straight from my home. Her instruction and classes are like no other! They are my absolute favorite. Her knowledge and cues on posture and anatomy are really what sets her apart from other instructors- as well as her amazing spot on workout fashion. Seriously, you are going to want everything the girl wears. Her classes are killer and will give you the most amazing workout!"

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