Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my Micro or Barre Fusion current subscription?

Start by confirming you are logged into your account,click on the account icon carrot in the top right section of the website. It will either show your first name initial or a small photo of you. From there click "My Subscriptions" and there will be the name of the subscription package you have. Expand it. There you will see the option to cancel. . PLEASE NOTE: subscriptions autorenew each month and you can see that date within the subscription. Example: if you purchased and started your plan on the 2nd of the month, it will renew on the 2nd of each month. If you need to cancel it, please do so before the renewal date. Refunds will not be given for cancelations on the renewal date.

How do I get help with my subscription?

If your question is not answered on this page please fill in the contact form below this FAQ and send us a question, we are happy to help. Or send us an email

I keep getting directed to the pay screen even though I have an active account

Here are a few steps to take for when clicking on a video and it asks you to pay (but your on-demand plan is current). If step 1 does not work, try the next steps. 1) log out and back into your account 2) check your account to make sure that the plan is active, if it is not email 3) restart computer or device 4) clear history and/or cache in your brrowser 5) browser up to date 6) close any other open tabs 7) if all the above steps have failed please send a screenshot of the page where it is asking you to pay to so that it can be shown to the helpdesk. I know technology can be frustrating and we will do everything in our power to make it work!

How do I find the Zoom link for my LIVE class?

Your Zoom link can be found in two places: 1) you will receive a confirmation email after signing up and the link can be found there. 2) your account in the top right corner of has all your classes and their links. Click the carrot next to your account, select "My Bookings" and you will see all upcoming and past classes. If you do not see the email or have the class link under your account, email

What do I need for my first LIVE class?

Congratulations for signing up and cannot wait to virtually meet you!! Find a spot that your screen can be placed so that Colleen can see you for corrections and feedback. Barre: enough space for a mat, something to hold for balance (wall, chair, etc) if you have fitness props like hand weights, ball, bands etc bring them! If you don't, no fear!! Class wiill be made based on what is available for each participant. Micro: Unless noted on the intake form, class is created based on the "Base Model Micro". If you want to bring an extra mat for hands or knees, that is a great idea. Optional hand or wrist weights to spice it up.

Where did the live class go from the schedule?

If it is under two hours of a live class start time, it will disapear from the schedule. You can still join in the class by emailing to be manually added to the class list.

How do I switch or upgrade my plan?

Switching plans can be done so in your account (top right of website, your photo with carrot symbol), from here select "my subscriptions", you will have to cancel you existing plan and then continue on to purchase your new plan. Canceled plan will remain active for the remainder of your month timeframe. When you purchase a plan you can select the start date you would prefer.

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