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Save on Our Favorite Products

Check out our favorite products from brands that we use and love! Below are brands that we know, use and love!  

**Some of the links or codes are part of an affiliate and do provide a small commission to CDP Fitness. Some codes or links do not provide commission. We only work with products/brands that we love and use regularly.  Commission from any affiliate links goes directly to CDP Fitness and to help keep the videos and education available... and cat vet bills.

cakesbody pic_edited.jpg

No more sport bra pads. 

Save with CDPFIT


Check out the three fitness notebooks

Save by using CDPFIT

Ro and arrows.jpg

Save on your Ro & Arrow grip socks with CDPFIT25

Best hair ties and hair clips for working out.

Save with CDPFIT


Save on showerless shampoo with CDPFIT


Save on your grip socks with CDPFIT


Save with CDPFIT20

GS 1.heic

Save on grip socks with


Shop Tuckett grip socks here

Shop vegan protein powders, premade protein shakes and bars

aloha pic.jpg

Shop vegan protein powder, bars and drinks. Shop here

Shop Splits59 and their lux performance fabric.


Stakt Mat plant derived cleanser spray. Save with link.

Shop Terez athleisure wear. Fun, colorful and comfortable!

stakt mat pic_edited_edited.jpg

Foldable workout mat. Save on the Stakt Mat with link.

Shop my favorite sweatproof jewelry and save $20

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