Micro 101

What is a Microformer? The Microformer is the home version of the Megaformer.  Both are created by Lagree Fitness but for different uses.  The Microformer weights in at roughly 50lb, hovers above the ground, has four springs and packs quite a punch for its size!  Like the Megaformer, the Microformer has a front and back platform with a spring controlled carriage.  They are each smaller than what you are used to at your local Lagree studio but don't let the size fool you. 

There is a padded ring (Ring of Fire) around the platforms and carriage for better grip and wrist positioning.  There are no curled handles at the front but there are high handles for the front and back platform that can be removed.  They are useful for balance as well as performing specific core moves. The four springs, two heavy and two light, are very easy to attach to the carriage.  No more dropping of springs on the Microformer! (If you have ever dropped a spring... you know what I am talking about).  The center rail of the Microformer allows for the carriage to smoothly move plus it contains numbers and a logo for teaching landmarks.  There are three sets of feet along this center rail to help keep the Micro stable and they do a great job. The high handles (front and back are interchangeable) and the back platform are all add ons.  The other accessories include the Bungee, Micro Straps and the new arm cables with foot strap option.  The Microformer also has the ability to lift and wheel away, under a bed or couch, with the mini wheels under the front and back platforms.  Great for saving space!

Are there downsides of the Microformer? Yes, the high handles do not lock 100% in place, they do have a little wiggle to them. It is not recommended to pull or push (to the side) too much on them.  Because of that, Mega Donkey Kick, Spider Kick and Side Leg Press have changed but I think you will like these versions better.  You are also locked into the four springs, there is not an option to only have one heavy spring and three light springs, yet.  

The most common questions I receive about the Microformer are- is it hard? Will I be able to get a challenging workout like I do on the Megaformer? Can I still do a low lunge? The answer to all of them, yes. Absolutely.  The Microformer provides less "help" than the Megaformer because of it's size so you are forced to use more muscles to help stabilize and balance.  The springs are also brand new, tighter than what you are used to on the Megaformer, but you will be surprised how fast your body will adapt to them.

Is it worth it to have a Microformer? Absolutely.  It is the best purchase of 2020.  After three months I already feel in better shape than after being on the M3 Megaformer for six years.

 If you are thinking of buying a Microformer, you might want to invest in a mat to place under it.  If you are using it on a wood floor, the metal stabilizing legs can scratch the floor.  If you are on a carpet, it will keep the springs cleaner to have the mat under it.  Plus it is nice to have the extra cushion for feet and wrist.  The Microformer opens up a lot of options for moves to be performed off the Microformer. Hands or feet on the floor since it is so low to the ground.

Here is the mat I use under mine, I purchased the 12 squares option so that I could have extra in front and behind my Microformer. 

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