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Cueing Video Guide Details

Welcome to the first video guide self paced course created by Colleen of CDP Fitness. 

Here you will have access to 10+ videos each on different topics.  The videos range from 3-10 minutes and can be viewed at any time. That's right, you have access to the videos 24/7 and can watch them at your own pace.  No time limit also means you can refer back to them when you need to. One time purchase for lifetime access. 

A cueing workbook is also provided with the videos for you to take notes and participate in cueing activities. 

This course is perfect for all levels of experience, we will never stop learning from each other.  If you are looking to perfect your teaching skills or you are new to fitness, this course is for you!  The course is directed towards group fitness of all types but these techniques can easily be applied to private or small group trainings.  

If you are uncertain if this course is right for you, send us an email and let's find what is right for you.


$50 one time payment for unlimited access to the Cueing Videos plus downloadable and printable Cueing Workbook.

You are always allowed to email and reach out with any questions or to chat about the material.

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