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Barre Fusion


$15 per month


$5.99 week pass

75+ Barre Fusion Classes!
Simple home fitness props sometimes used.

$35 per month


$12.99 week pass

75+ Microformer classes.
All Microformer models welcome.
All Access On-Demand

$45 per month


$12.99 week pass

Full access to Barre Fusion and on-demand Microformer classes!
Over 150 classes at your fingertips.

Looking for complete access to Live and On-Demand classes in one package? Continue to the Plans & Pricing section to find "The Everything" package. This package will give you full access to both on-demand libraries PLUS the ability to sign up for any of the live classes!

All package prices are per month. They are a month-to-month plan. You cancel your subscription when you need to and re-join when you are ready to come back.

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