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On-Demand Video Options

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Barre Fusion

$15 per month
$7 week pass

150+ Barre Fusion Classes!
Simple home fitness props sometimes used. 
Weekly suggested schedule.

$35 per month
$15 week pass

150+ Microformer classes.
All Microformer models welcome.
Weekly suggested schedule.
All Access On-Demand

$45 per month
$15 week pass

Full access to Barre Fusion and on-demand Microformer classes!
Over 300+ classes at your fingertips.
Access to both weekly suggested class schedules. You will need a Microformer or like equipment for the Microformer on-demand classes.

All package prices are per month. They are a month-to-month plan. In your website account you can cancel your subscription when you need to and re-join when you are ready to come back.

PLEASE NOTE: Monthly subscription plans auto-renew each month and you can see that date within the subscription.  

Example: if you purchased and started your plan on the 2nd of the month, it will renew on the 2nd of each month.

If you need to cancel it, please do so before the renewal date. Refunds will not be given for cancelations on the renewal date.

See the help page in the Menu if you need assistance at that time.

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