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The Fitness Instructor Notebooks are LIVE!

How many notebooks do you have at home filled with the classes you have written out? Too many and I bet they are a hot mess too... because mine are. That is where I had the idea come from, I wanted an organized notebook that I could write my classes in and able to add details so that I could refer back to them.

From the "Class Writing Notebook" and the "Fitness Class Notebook" were born.

In the Class Writing Notebook there are 12 premade class formats, (that will work for almost all group fitness styles but it is specific for those who teach block formats), blank DIY class format pages plus a few pages for your notes. The premade formats include sections for: warm up, arm block, core block, leg block and the grand finale. The leg blocks are also split up in the formatting with the option for left and right notifiers. These pages also include date lines so you know when you taught the classes, quick notes and any props or equipment the class will need. 70 beautifully organized pages for all your amazing classes that you are going to write!!

In the Fitness Class Notebook there are blank formats for writing any style of fitness class. The pages include places for dates, playlist, props and class name. Great for any format of fitness that you teach. Note pages are also included because we can never have enough space to write notes!

I hope you enjoy both versions of these notebooks and fill them with amazing classes!


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