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Fitness Instructor Training

Why do fitness instructors need training? There is always more to learn. No one is perfect and we can always learn more from each other. I started this program because I felt like I did not receive proper training in over half of the certification programs I went through. They taught me how to perform a class, how to do moves (not 100% though), but rarely did they teach you HOW TO TEACH. Sounds like something that should be high on the list but is commonly missed. I wanted to create a space to help fitness instructors learn and grow so here we are!

I came up with this idea because I would receive questions about different fitness instructing topics, now I will always and gladly answer questions, but it really made me think. Why do people have so many questions about instructing? It clicked and I realized that it had been missing in my training as well but... I guess I am good at telling people what to do. Wink emoji.

In this first guide I discuss the beginning of becoming a fitness instructor. I'll be honest, I had zero idea of what I was getting into when I signed up for my first certification and getting my first job. All the items I talk about came up within my first year of fitness and boy do I wish someone gave me a heads up! At the time there was not much information out there on the different certification programs, the different types of employment status you could be in the fitness world and the extra items I would need to obtain a fitness job.

What comes next? I am not called the Queen of Cueing for no reason... I give you the Cueing Video Guides! This is a different style than the "So, You Want to Be a Fitness Instructor?", it is a series of videos that teach you how to cue fitness class. This is an area that I also felt was lacking in a lot of trainings. It is the number one way to grow your classes and retain clients. If people understand your instructions and trust you they will continue to come back for YOU. This 10+ video series is great for all types of fitness methods and for instructors of any experience. You will be given lifetime access to the videos, watch them any time and as often as you want to. There is also a workbook to help you learn and grow as an instructor during these videos.

If you are ready to take your craft to the next level, I am honored to be a part of your journey! Check out the eBook and the Cueing Video Guides here on my website for more information.

Questions about my eBook or Video series? Send me an email!

I cannot wait to share with you what is in store next :)

Lattes, leggings & lunges,



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