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Reflections on One Year of CDP Fitness

CDP Fitness has been open for one year. It has been visited by users from all but one continent, countless countries, and every state in the US. It is overwhelming to think of that! With over 300 Barre and Micro workout videos and starting a side business… fair to say I have been busy this last year. Some things that I have learned after being a solo business owner/employee this past year… Rome wasn’t built in a day, technology has a mind of its own and finding your community is a life saver.

My biggest hurdle this year has been fighting with technology; sometimes videos don’t upload, Wi-Fi can be down, microphone not being plugged in or cameras overheating… the list goes on. What do you do? Walk away for an hour and realize that you cannot control technology 100% every day. Has it all worked out in the end? Of course. Is it frustrating in the moment? Of course. Does a restart of the tech fix all the problems? 95% of the time.

You cannot do everything in a day, there will always be website updates you want to do and doing a little bit each day is the way to go. I don’t think a week has gone by where I have no made countless edits or updates to my website. Sometimes it is a text box or photo change, other times it has been a major update. There is always more to be done! I would go insane if I tried to do it all at once. A BIG thank you to those that have helped me test my website this past year!

Finding a community of other virtual studio owners has been A LIFE SAVER! These women have become good friends of mine… and I have never met them IRL. They have been available to bounce ideas off of, learn what has worked for them or products that have improved their life/business. Turning to them for advice on a situation or for feedback is something you cannot put a value on. These women even became co-owners in our mutual side business! If you are not practicing community over competition yet, go give it a try and watch how much you grow!

Thank you for being a part of my journey this past year and cheers to what this year brings!




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