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What is CDP Fitness?

CDP Fitness was created for those that enjoy having access to fitness when it is convenient for them.  Fitness when you want and where you want it!  No need for scheduling time to drive and take a class when you can access them in your own living room. Your access to effective, fun, amazing, fully certified fitness classes is only a few clicks away.


Our Workouts

On-Demand Virtual Fitness Classes

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What is Barre Fusion?

Our Barre Fusion classes draw inspiration from Pilates, functional fitness and ballet.  This is not a dance class but you will feel stronger and stand taller by the end! Barre Fusion focuses on small muscle movements and will challenge the entire body.  These workouts can be performed with or without equipment.

What is the Micro?

The Microformer is a total body workout that is high intensity yet low impact.  Suitable for every fitness level and every body because of the adjustable spring tension. Every workout will challenge your cardio, balance, strength, and endurance!  


CDP Fitness Client Reviews

"Colleen is one of the very best online Microformer trainers! Her cues are mindful and get me to fire the correct muscles in every exercise. She gives loads of options for added or decreased intensity in every exercise and I always feel motivated to challenge myself in her classes. She also cracks jokes and plays a lot of Pitbull, which lighten the mood when your body is about to shake right off your Microformer. She is an expert at sequencing, so no need to worry about spending the whole class on your wrists or attempting crazy-impossible-to-do moves. Cannot recommend her enough! Go take her class!"

"I have known Colleen for several years.  Her Barre and Pilates classes are awesome and challenging!  I love how she always gives several modifications.  Her playlists are fun and upbeat.  She loves to share fun facts during class and keeps you laughing with her witty sense of humor."


Cueing Video Guides

are LIVE!

Instructor Training

Are you a fitness instructor or looking to start a career in fitness? These eBooks, video courses and coaching options are made for you!  Learn the process of entering into the fitness industry, how to grow and continue your education in your craft plus how to start your virtual career. I want you to be the best fitness instructor that you can be!

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