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Barre Necessities

Barre Fusion fans! This one is for you! What do you need for a solid Barre Fusion workout? Your beautiful body. What can enhance your workout? Small and simple fitness props. Here are the common ones I use, where to buy them and discounts you can use too.

Btw... buy a mat. That is the one prop I would say yes absolutely invest in!

Band: Tabinix via Simplyworkout. Two sizes based on your body weight so read the product description. Price is $40-42 for a two pack (Plus save 20% with ‘Dalton’). These bands are far superior to the rubber band like ones. They are cotton with rubber grip strips on the inside, this prevents them from sliding, rolling or cutting into your legs.

Ball: Amazon has plenty of options for any budget too. I have own one that is under $10 that I purchased years ago, it is the same as the expensive name brand ones you will find at your local Pilates or Barre studio. Here is a standard one from Amazon. During the summer time you can find these same balls in the grocery store, yup those play toy balls are the same size!

Hand weights: I have been using small hand weights in Barre for 7+ years… I see no reason to use more than 3lb ones. Most days I do not even use any! But owning a pair of 2lb ones is useful. There are many options available on Amazon, all different shapes and materials. Metal, rubber or neoprene coatings are the most common that you will find. This is one item that you can easily substitute with common household items… canned grocery products, water bottles, sweet potatoes or candles!

Gliders: You will want to get a pair that work with your floor. Some are made for both hardwood and carpet while some are carpet only. Keep in mind- plastic is for carpet and the foam is for hardwood. Like the other products there are so many options on Amazon! This is another item that can be easily substituted with home items, for example: a Swiffer dry sheet, fluffy socks or small hand towel.

Mats: I prefer to use a workout mat that is advertised for Pilates verse a Yoga mat because of the cushion that a Pilates one provides. Again, the Amazon has many options if you type in ‘Pilates mat’. I personally have bought off brand Pilates mats from TJ Maxx and Amazon. They have worked great, no complaint with my off-brand ones.

Ankle & wrist weights: Bala. Hands down the best I have used. I have used many brands and they are all Velcro attachment. The Velcro can be uncomfortable and potentially damage your leggings, NO ONE needs that! Bala is legging friendly, adjustable and I have found more comfortable overall. Carbon38 sells the 1/2lb and 1lb that range from $40-55. (Save 15% with ‘Colleendal20’ they also carry Bala sliders at a reasonable price).

Great thing about all these props, they are all small! You can fit them in a suitcase when traveling and store in a basket out of the way in the house.

Will your kids steal the ball? Probably. Could be a smart move to buy an extra. 😉

Will your pet sleep on your mat? Also, probably. Looking at you Fivey.


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