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All About That Grip

I am all about the grip, that grip sock grip. All the workout styles that I am certified involve being shoeless, I have been through my fair share of grip socks over the years! I have tried countless brands, styles, materials and even barefoot. I do feel that grip socks provide that extra grip you absolutely need for certain forms of fitness compared to being barefoot. Plus… it’s the more sanitary option. Have I ever received free grip socks? Of course. Have I paid full price for grip socks? Yup. I also get a discount on almost every brand out there! Here I look at the five brands that I have used the most over the last 6 years and why I still use them today.

Each brand will be rated in the categories of: Style, grip, material, quality price and life span. A rating of 1-5 will be given in the categories of: style, grip, material, quality and life span. Price, pros, cons, and an overall will be provided for each brand.

Here are the brands I will be talking about: Arebesk, Pointe Studio, Shashi, Tavi Noir and ToeSox.


Style: 5

Grip: 5

Material: 4

Quality: 5

Life Span: 5

Price: $18-19

Pros: Really large grip in the areas that need it the most (toe and heel) plus the grip inside on the back of the ankle is key!

Cons: Honestly... have not found something I dislike in them!

Overall: Each pair comes in a mesh bag so you are less likely to lose one and you wash them in the bag. Very stylish and many open/closed toe options. The grip cannot be beat!

Pointe Studio

Style: 5

Grip: 4

Material: 5

Quality: 4

Life Span: 4

Price: $12 - 16

Pros: Super cute patterns and styles, plus priced very well.

Cons: Wish the grip extended a little further back on the heel area.

Overall: Endless cute patterns that will absolutely make you stand out in class. I have watched their products evolve over the years into the great grip socks that they are today, so many improvements from the first pair I bought!

Tavi Noir

Style: 5

Grip: 5

Material: 5

Quality: 5

Life Span: 4

Price: $16 - 30

Pros: the material used is compressive and soft at the same time. It really is high quality. Their grip is also amazing, stays sticky longer than most brands.

Cons: The grip on the heel area is not as wide as it is towards the toes.

Overall: Their material quality is amazing. Always coming out with fun new patterns plus have different sock height options like knee height.


Style: 4

Grip: 3

Material: 3

Quality: 3

Life Span: 3

Price: $14 - 24

Pros: If you like toes separated, these are the socks for you. Always a fun design and pattern too.

Cons: If you don’t like toes separated, these aren’t the socks for you. Grip is so so, I can’t even say that they have great grip when brand new.

Overall: It is in the name but I should state that all the socks are the separated toe style. I like them for their patterns, always very creative. Not my go to in terms of grip though.


Style: 5

Grip: 3

Material: 3

Quality: 3

Life Span: 2

Price: $16-18

Pros: They have sparkles!! We all love to sparkle.

Cons: Material and quality could use some work and those sparkles… yes they do vanish over time.

Overall: They come in a little bag to help, because we all lose one sock! Who doesn’t love to be a little sparkly? These will absolutely get you noticed in class! I use these more for Barre than for the Microformer because the grip is not the best.

In conclusion… my go to socks are Arebesk and Tavi Noir. Why? Grip, quality and life span. They both have the best grip compared to all over brands I have used. Quality in their fabrication and material is fantastic. I have pairs from both that I have been using for over a year with very little signs of wear or damage. Do I use those other brands? Absolutely. They each serve a purpose in my workouts. Certain pairs I prefer for Barre over Lagree Fitness, and some pairs look cuter with a certain outfit too 😊

Should you be using grip socks in your home workouts? That’s up to you but I personally do because I like and need the extra grip especially with the Microformer. For barre, doing single leg moves are easier with grip socks on plus that wooden floor is going to pretty chilly come winter time!

My shoe size is 6.5-7 and wear a size small in all the sock brands listed above.

Need more grip socks in your life now that you are more informed than ever about them?

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*Prices taken from each brands website

*No, I was not paid to write this, or given free products for this review.

Do I make money from my codes? Yes, it is minimal, but it is also how I support my small business and family.


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