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All About the Grip: Free the Toes Edition

Welcome back! I took a little break from blog life but felt the time and topic was right to make my return.

Today's blog is our favorite topic (besides leggings) grip socks! Last time we mostly covered closed toes but we understand that many of you prefer to have toe freedom when working out. While that might not be my toe's first pick, it is nice to show off your fresh pedi amiright?

We will look at the 4 brands that are in the grip sock closet here at CDP Fitness: Toe Sox, Arebesk, Tuckett & Ro and Arrow. They will be broken down by grip, material quality, design and durability.

Note: For size reference, I wear a size 6.5/7 sneaker and typically buy a size small in grip socks. The grip socks have been gifted to CDP Fitness, purchased with an instructor discount and purchased at full price. None have been gifted in exchange for this review. All affiliate links or codes do give CDP Fitness a small percentage of purchase which goes directly into keeping this platform alive... or fund more grip socks.


Grip: You cannot beat the grip of Arebesk socks. There is a large grip pad in the two zones you need it the most: the ball of the foot and heel. The inside of the sock, back of heel, also has a grip to prevent the socks from sliding off when working out too.

Material Quality: The material used in the Arebesk grip socks is a little on the thicker side which makes them a lot more sturdy. Some have a mesh or open top while others cover the entire foot.

Design: Adorable. You will want all of them to match all your outfits. The toes each have their own lane and the material does not unravel or fall apart at the toe openings. The ankle comes up a little higher to help prevent the sock from falling down as well.

Durability: This is one brand that I have socks that are YEARS old and still use. The grip and material wears and washes so well.

This is the Moto Open Toe in Light Pink. They are around one year old, worn for countless Barre and Micro classes.

Toe Sox

Grip: The grip on Toe Sox is my least favorite of all the grip socks I have owned in my life. They are ok. If you are looking for sticky, these would not be in my top five choices. I would pick them for a workout that does not require a large amount of stability... like mat Pilates with minimal standing.

Material Quality: The material is a nice quality. The material is a medium weight but I do not feel like my feet are going to rip through or overheat in it.

Design: The ankle comes up high and has a extra tab height in the back like a regular sock and that is a nice touch. The ones I own have open tops but there are many options that are covered. They make closed and open toe options but all have single toe lanes. The cut of the open toe is well done and does not fray. Always cute new seasonal patterns and materials that you will want to match your outfits of course.

Durability: Since these are my least worn socks... they have lasted a long time BUT I do not consider them to be great grip to start with. These two pairs are both 3 years old and I rarely wear them, so they've held up great!


Grip: The Tucketts have a solid grip on their socks. It is a fun square pattern that covers the entire base of the foot. This is one brand that I have only been wearing for the last six months but so far I have not noticed a change in the grip quality over that time.

Material Quality: The material is a nice soft fabric with sewn edges around toes and a sturdy separation for the big toe.

Deisgn: Ankle comes up high to prevent sliding off and I very much appreciate the R & L written on the correct socks near the big toe. I was uncertain if I would like the flip flop toe separation but it works well! My 4 toes are not being hugged together by the opening and the ball of my foot is still covered in grip.

Durability: I cannot give a review on the lifespan of these socks since I have only had them for six months but so far I have been pleased with how they have washed and worn so far.

The ankle height socks are the Allegro and the knee height are the Knee High Grip Socks.

Ro and Arrow

Grip: Don't let the clear and diagonal line pattern fool you, the grip here is fantastic! The clear grip is a first for me, allows you to see the pattern of the material and so far hasn't shown signs for staining. Goes far back on the heel with is key for working out.

Material Quality: Great material, soft fabric and the embroider logo does not irritate the skin.

Design: Great ankle height and the flip flop style toe separation works great. The four toes aren't hugged together and the separator for the big toe is a comfortable fit. Patterns are always a classic look that go with so many outfit options.

Durability: This is another newer brand to me within the last six months but I have been happy with how they wear and wash so far. The clear grip has stayed clear and not turned colors from dirt or age yet.

These two pairs are both the Rhiannon Low Show Open Toe.

In conclusion I would continue to purchase 3 out of the four brands listed above. The categories I have used here are what I look for when purchasing grip socks for the last 6 years.

If you are interested in buying your own toe-less socks you can find each of the pairs and their discounts below:

You can purchase all from and save with "dalton" coupon code at checkout.

Arebesk can be purchased from and save with "cdpfit" coupon code at checkout.

Tucketts can be purchased from Tucketts website here Message me for coupon code, they change monthly!

*These are the opinions of Colleen from CDP Fitness and written for CDP Fitness as a resource, not a paid ad.


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