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My First Blog Post!!

Welcome to my new fitness website! I am beyond excited that you are here with me! If we have not met yet, Hi I'm Colleen and I cannot wait to workout together!

How did I come up with CDP Fitness? As a parent to a young child with limited childcare options during a pandemic, I needed something that worked for me and my family. Life changes but what makes you happy should still be made a priority. Virtual fitness allows me to have fitness on my schedule and now I can share that with you!

My real passion is Lagree Fitness, but I cannot forget where I started, that is where Barre Fusion comes in. So many of you fell in love with my twist on a traditional Barre class plus my love for Pitbull music, so why not bring that into your own home? Barre Fusion classes can be done anywhere, and props aren’t necessary! For the Lagree Fitness classes, the Microformer is the star here. The Microformer is the tiny yet mighty home equipment that I am beyond thrilled to own!

Happy to have you in my new home studio to experience home fitness, one of a kind workouts, my (bad) jokes, amazing playlists, beautiful leggings and sweating side by side!


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