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Virtual or Studio Lagree?

Yes, back again with the home vs studio fitness thoughts again! This time we look at Lagree Fitness. If you are not certain what Lagree Fitness is, think of it as a LIIT workout. Low Impact Intensity Training. You are not jumping, running or picking up weights but you are still achieving the feeling of having done all that. The Megaformer and MIcroformer use spring-based resistance training to achieve a total body workout without moving very far or fast! 2020 life is complicated, I am not here to remind you of that but let’s talk more math in this one compared to the Barre blog I posted previously.

In America the price of a single Lagree Fitness class averages from $30-40 depending on your location. Yes, buying an unlimited package or class pack will make that price lower. Some of those have time restraints examples: 2 classes a week for 6 weeks, 1 month unlimited with max of 1 class a day, etc. They are too complicated to compare so for ease of comparison I am sticking with the single class rate.

Classes range from 45-50 minutes and most studios (all now in a Covid world) grip socks are required which will cost $10-20. Of course, you can’t own ONE pair! You always forget them at home, am I right? The typical Lagree client will attend class 2 – 3 times a week. 52 weeks a year at that pace is $3,120 – 6,240. Oh yeah, don’t forget the grip socks 😊

That is also before you add on any late cancel or no-show fees. Life happens and those fees don’t care! $10-20 is the standard charge for those situations plus you lose the class that you purchased along with that fee.

Lagree is very addicting and an expensive workout. That being said… let’s talk virtual Lagree now.

The home Lagree Fitness equipment is called the Microformer. She is small but mighty. Very comparable to the Megaformer used in studio but created for home use. Without shipping, discounts or accessories the MIcroformer can be purchased for $890 base model or fully loaded at $1560 (That’s significantly less than the Peloton btw). Shipping is based on the amount you spend, not on your geographical location (in America). Discounts so far have ranged from $50-100. Accessories like the Bungee, straps, balance pole and newest arm cables run from $40-190. Financing was made available in October which is a great option too. Grip socks? That’s now your choice! I personally still wear them because I like the grip they provide.

Pricing for a live virtual class is currently averaging at $15. Sometimes the instructor is on the Microformer and other times they are purely instructing. Typically performed on Zoom so that humans can see each other… your instructor is still watching you! Access to a virtual library that you can play anytime is $34 – 65 a month. That will include classes varying in length, body part specific, equipment specific and levels.

Let’s get into those figures now. (These numbers are without shipping, discounts or accessories of your Microformer) Purchasing a Microformer AND doing a year of monthly subscription will be from $1,298 – 2,340 a year. For a Microformer AND live classes 2-3x/week for a year will be $2,450 – 3,900. Live classes, there no late cancel or no-show fee but you can potentially lose what you paid for the class if you cannot make it. Yes, some situation the instructor will allow for the class to be viewed for the next 24 hours but isn’t that the same as having the monthly subscription then?

Now yes, I do know that there are rental class options out there, but like the argument above for the reason I am not comparing packages is because they have too many variables. 24 hours, 72 hours, one video, entire library, $4.99-7… too complicated to compare it all.

I live outside of Boston but lots of my friends and coworkers live in Boston. Countless have moved out of Boston now that they are not required to physically go to work. Most have moved to more remote areas that do not have a gym let alone expensive boutique fitness. Now we can Lagree from anywhere with the Microformer. Win of 2020, right? Let’s keep those wins in mind 😊

In the Barre blog I went more into the other variables of time, commute, work from home, home school, health, childcare, cleaning, community, instructor corrections so I am not going to repeat those arguments here. Refer to that blog post if you need a refresher on the topics. This time, purely budget because let’s face it 2020 threw us all an economical curveball and not sure you noticed but those are some HUGE differences in figures! If price point is something that resonates with you too, give those figures another read.


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